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6 Products that will make breastfeeding easier

23 Feb 6 Products that will make breastfeeding easier

Make breastfeeding easier with these 6 products

Lansinoh Breast pads

Put them in your bra, they will absorb any leakage avoiding any embarrassing wet spots, cloth ones can be thrown washed and used again or just buy disposable ones. Check it out @  lansinoh

Dreamgenii Donut Breastfeeding Pillow

Use them to prevent lower back aches  so you don’t have to bend at all as It’s easy to hunch over when you are nursing. Considering you’re doing it every few hours (or more), it can really do a number on your back.  Mothercare

Lansinoh Nipple cream

Used to help with pain and heal cracked nipples faster and as there are no preservatives or additives in it, you don’t have to wash it off when going to breastfeed again. Lansinoh

Holland & Barrett Fenugreek

A herbal supplement mums say can stimulate milk production.Holland & Barrett 

NUK Breast Therapy Warm or Cool Relief Pack

They are used when your boobs feel painfully full now that you’re breastfeeding less due to weaning your baby. Gel pads, can be stuck in your bra for pain relief. Amazon


Xpanda Bra Nursing bra

Great for  easy feeding with the one hand clip opening and  the new innovation accommodates fluctuation in the breast as you can adjust the cup size during breastfeeding making it even easier to know which breast you last feed with as the cups can be adjusted individually buy @www.xpandabra.com or  Amazon


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