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Best maternity nursing bra for the summer!

14 Jun Best maternity nursing bra for the summer!

Why xpanda bra is the best maternity nursing bra for the summer!

Hot and warm days ahead, what’s the best maternity nursing bra and why?

Once you have decided you have the correct bra size for you, choosing a maternity nursing bra that is cool, comfortable and breathable for the spring summer is essential.
Not only does the fabric matter but also the colour and that’s why Xpanda Bra ticks all the boxes.

Xpanda Bra is made of cotton fibre which is still the preferable material in hot weather. These natural fibres keep you cool thanks to the weave of the fabric, and their unique properties also mean that they wick away moisture from your body which keeps you dry no matter the temperature is.

Another great advantage with Xpanda Bra is its wire free which again is more suitable for hot weather.

Remember, in hotter weather your breast always feel much more sensitive so even the slightest thing can irritate them so this is where the adjustable cup plays an important role.

Our Xpanda Bras are designed to be breathable, comfortable and supportive; whatever the weather and the fully adjustable cups, straps and rear fasteners provide excellent support without sacrificing on comfort, meaning you’ll always look feel great.
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