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Bra 36 Cup Size

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Xpanda Bra 36 Cup Size

All our nursing maternity bras are designed with wire free adjustable cup sizes, in double cotton

providing superior support and comfort for pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The following sizes come in black , nude and whiter:
36B | 36C | 36D | 36DD | 36E | 36F | 36FF | 36G | 36GG

Our bras are designed for both small and large breasts, and for night time when sleeping.

Want something that looks elegant, but is comfortable and pretty, is good value and is very cheap as its adjustable
cups lets you grow instead of continuing to buy different sizes

You can buy online on our website , Amazon , Ebay or Etsy or from one of our stockists if you prefer to get a professional fitting

Orders are sent out first class, and if you need an exchange or refund , you have 30 days to return.

Happy shopping!

Xpanda Bra Size chart

Remember your bra has 2 cup sizes, so the following sizes will adjust to B-C, C-D, D-DD, DD-E, E-F, F-FF, FF/G, G-GG & GG-H.

Band Conversion Chart

bra size chart xpanda bra

Cup Conversion Chart

Cup size nursing bra chart

Cup sizes that are larger than a D are called different letters by different brands (a FF cup size in one brand can be called a G or H in other brands). So know your cup size when your ordering.

Fitting Room

how to use a nursing bra

How to use

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