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Breastfeeding tips

23 Jul Breastfeeding tips

Breastfeeding tips for breastfeeding mums

If you wish to breastfeed your new born and have never done it before then the following tips will hopefully help you on your journey.

It is ok not knowing what to expect for your first time and help from a midwife when in hospital or joining a local breastfeeding group or getting advice from a peer support  or lactation consultant will all be a big help, but only you will know your own baby’s way.


Here is a list of 15 tips to help

  1. Look for some help – Consider contacting or visiting a lactation consultant or a local breastfeeding group, by doing this, you’ll know whom to call if you have a problem and need advice or help.
  2. Try to breastfeed within the first hour after your baby is born – after two hours from your baby is born, some babies will be hard to rouse. It may seem like you’re producing very little milk at the beginning but remember a one to two-day old baby’s stomach is only the size of a marble.
  3. Focus on those little baby feet– unbelievably, Babies always seem to breastfeed better when their feet are touching something, they feel more secure when their feet are touching, say your leg or a pillow tucked under them.
  4. Avoid any formula at the beginning– give it all you have, at the beginning especially when you are in the hospital. Giving your baby, any type of formula milk can affect your own milk supply.
  5. Position yourselves nose to nipple, belly to belly – Make sure that your baby’s stomach is touching yours, so she / he doesn’t have to turn their head to latch. Point your nipple at his/ her nose, not their mouth, so they will lift their head up, meaning they will open their mouth wide and latch on deeply.
  6. Lie on your side – it’s good for mums who’ve had a C-section, or who are just very tired. Put a pillow between your knees and your arm under your head, and bring the baby in facing you.
  7. Offer the first bottle at 4 to 6 weeks -“If you wait until 8 weeks, you risk bottle refusal. Have your husband, partner or member of your family give the first bottle feed, leave the room so you are not tempted to help in anyway
  8. Lose the sleep -If your baby keeps falling asleep on your breast, try tickling the bottom of his / her feet, stroking them under the chin.
  9. Look at your baby, not at the scales – So many mums whose baby looks healthy and breastfeeds well,  but they’ve lost confidence in breastfeeding because their doctor told them that their baby’s weight was not on the charts. Always ask your doctor , midwife etc , what chart they are using,as there are two , one for breastfeeding babies and  one formula fed babies.
  10. If he has low weight gain, but he’s smiling, his linear growth and head circumference and neurological development are notably okay, I’d get a second opinion before giving formula
  11. Get a  strong pump-Some cheap pumps aren’t as powerful as you need when you’re establishing your milk supply.
  12. Feed the baby, not the freezer -You don’t need to pump like a maniac. You may end up with clogged ducts, mastitis, or exhaustion. You need only a small reserve.
  13. Get a good breastfeeding bra – do not go for a cheap nursing bra, it will give no support and feel uncomfortable not to mention making breastfeeding harder, go for cotton and a bra that has every adjustment necessary even in the cups as you will need extra space for when the milk comes in , breast shells or pads and a bra with easy clip down cups for easy breastfeeding.
  14. Heal damaged nipples – Use water-based hydrogel pads or apply enough purified lanolin to keep nipples moist between feedings.
  15. Resolve tongue-tie – If you’re having pain even though you think the latch looks great, ask a midwife or lactation consultant whether your baby may have tongue-tie. A specialist can treat the problem.
  16. Prevent blocked ducts – Avoid anything that puts pressure on part of your breasts. That includes baby carriers , tight or not correct size bras.


All content on this blog including medical opinion and any other health-related information, is for informational purposes only and should not be considered a specific diagnosis or treatment plan for any individual situation. See your doctor, midwife etc for help and advice if any problem arises.


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