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Buying Guide for the Best Maternity Nursing bra

30 Sep Buying Guide for the Best Maternity Nursing bra

Buying Guide for the Best Maternity Nursing bra

During pregnancy and breastfeeding a specialist maternity nursing bra is an essential investment. As your body shape changes and your breasts fluctuate, traditional everyday bras will not adapt to your need. Our simple explanation and guide will put you in the right direction to buy the correct maternity nursing bra for you.

On average a woman will increase by 2 band sizes and 2-4 cup sizes, this is a significant change in shape and size, so it is very important to buy a good quality bra that will give you superior support and comfort.

for a professional fitting that is free, just pop into one of your local stores but always remember what ever brand you are fitted for may not be the same size in another brand as it is all to do with cup shape and fabric, that bra is made off and if it is wired or non-wired.


Week 1-12

On your first trimester your breast tissue will feel swollen and tender, if you are wearing an underwire bra, it may no longer fit correctly and irritate you. We recommend that if you are still wearing an underwire bra that you stop.


Week 12-28

On 2nd trimester you should now be wearing a wireless maternity bra that will accommodate any increase in your ribcage along with your breast and back size.

We recommend a good quality maternity bra at this stage, as it will offer more support and adjustment than your regular bra.


Week 28-40

On your third trimester you should get another fitting done around week 30.

2 weeks before your due date or if your bra already feels too small you should get another fitting or measurements taken.

If you intend to breastfeed then choose an nursing bra , these are very similar to a maternity bra but have drop down cups and a sling at the side to support your breasts more as they will grow larger and heavier, especially when the milk comes in.


What bra type we recommend?

1) cotton – as it is breathable and will not hold bacteria as much which could risk the chances of thrush

2 ) non wired – this will help prevent any blocked milk ducts or irritation , but will give you great comfort

3) 3- 4 hooks on the rear for body shape to increase during pregnancy.

4) 2 layer cotton seamed cups- this will give extra comfort and support as seamless will not give as much support as seamed cups. The more seams the better for support, always look to see if the seams are cotton inside as this will help prevent irritation compared to netted seams.

5) Adjustable cups, this is a big winner when it comes to both maternity and nursing bras. During pregnancy it will allow for breast growth and saves buying another bra, and during breastfeeding this will help will fluctuating breasts during and after feeds.


The Best bra we recommend has all the above features and more, it’s the new innovation Xpanda Bra!

Xpanda bra is a pretty stylish fully adjustable maternity nursing bra non-wired in cotton.

It has the perfect balance between femininity, superior comfort and support and comes in 3 pretty colours.

All our bras are wirefree cotton , comfortable and supportive and are ideal for maternity nursing and as a sleep bra.


Award winning Xpanda Bra is a maternity and nursing bra that grows with you, providing superior comfort, fit. and support This latest innovation is an all-in-one solution with adjustable cup sizes, adapting to your changing breast size during pregnancy and breastfeeding, ultimately saving you time and money – meaning you can focus on your impending arrival!


Features of Xpanda Bra include:

Suitable for during pregnancy and breastfeeding
Adjustable wireless cups for growth
2-layer 100% soft cotton cups for superior comfort and support
Extra space for breast pads or shells
Individual cup adjustments so you know which breast you fed with
Breathable fabric
Extra hooks and eyes allow for changes in body size
Machine washable at 30 degrees


Buy now @ https://xpandabra.com/shop/


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