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Can you have your Easter Eggs and Breastfeed?

19 Apr Can you have your Easter Eggs and Breastfeed?

Can you have your Easter eggs & breast feed?

Yes you can! as long as it’s not the cheap milk chocolate. These are high in sugar with not much else.

Dark chocolate has all the feel-good benefits of a treat without as much sugar, and this is most important when you are breastfeeding. Never use occasions like Easter as an excuse to eat lots of chocolate especially the cheap stuff as an energy boost, think about what else you can eat to keep your blood sugars stable and your energy levels up.

Essentially, low GI (Glycaemic Indicator) foods are the secret. Every meal or snack should have some protein and a low GI carbohydrate such as pasta, rice, bread or sweet potato. Snacks of nuts, seeds,and yoghurt are easy to prepare and eat. Enjoy your chocolate after these. Although dark chocolate may be lower in sugar, this on its own doesn’t sustain your energy levels well enough to justify chocolate Easter eggs alone as your primary energy source while you are breastfeeding.

Over Easter you can eat whole meal hot cross buns instead of the white ones for a lower GI treat. Try to eat some low GI food before you eat any chocolate. This helps stabilize your blood sugars and reduces the amount of chocolate eggs you might otherwise eat.

Regardless of how you spend your time over Easter, take time to rest, eat well and keep your fluids up. Ask your friends or family to help out rather than you doing everything yourself. Let a family member  to keep your baby  for a few hours so you  can have that well deserved  snooze.

Happy Easter and remember, not much high quality chocolate eaten in moderation, is a lot better for you than loads of the cheap stuff!


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