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Cheap Nursing Bras Yes or No?

17 Aug Cheap Nursing Bras Yes or No?



First time mums usually look at and are even tempted to buy a cheap nursing bras or even use a regular bra. The most common reason is they believe they will not need the bra for long so do not intend to spend much.

This is one cost-saving measure you don’t want to make. Regular and cheap nursing bras aren’t designed to give you the flexibility or extra support you need to be comfortable.


Why speak to an expert or bra fitter?

By speaking to an expert they will advise you and provide the correct size you require as so many mums out there are either wearing a nursing bra too small or too big.

If you are wearing a bra to small you may end up putting pressure on your milk ducts, which can cause inflammation in the breast.

If you wear a bra too big you end up not giving your breast enough support leading to discomfort a pain.


Why you need a good quality nursing bra and  not use a regular bra.

The best nursing bras are comfortable and offer good support but don’t bind breasts in any way that could interfere with milk flow. For optimum support, the band and the straps should be made of little or non-stretchy fabric. The cups should have some “flexibility” to accommodate your changing breast size to accommodate the milk coming into the breast.

Look for bras that have100% cotton cups. Nursing bras that have adjustable cups and band sizes are ideal as this will accommodate any change in body or breast size and saves you continually buying different bra sizes.


What size to buy?

Different brands and different countries use different letterings for cup sizes.

Some brands go A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J and others go A,B,C,D,DD,E,F,FF,G,GG,H.

Always look at the brand you are buying size conversion chart!

This will make sure that you can get the correct size you are currently wearing in that brand, as it may be a different cup lettering. Sizing also depends on the cup shape/design and if it’s a full cup or half cup.



Support is queen, when it comes to nursing bras, especially when your breast are at their fullest, the best thing you can do is look for a really supportive nursing bra, whether or not it looks pretty or fashionable.

The best nursing bras fasten in the back and easy one handed opening clips at the front of each cup. Strong side and under-cup support, and sometimes an extra-wide back for a fit that doesn’t feel tight and helps distribute the weight. Straps should be adjustable.

Another major point is seamed cups, non-seamed cup bras do not give as much support as seamed cups. The more seams the more support, also go for cotton cover seams as this will not irritate the nipple.


What brand to buy?

Of course you will agree that the reason we recommend Xpanda Bra that it is our own brand! But I was always a great believer in that never recommend something or somebody that is not going to do the job and do it well.

In the world of nursing bras, Xpanda Bra has all the features of what a nursing bra should be.

It has adjustable cups, straps and band size. It has 100% cotton cups which are seamed and also have 2 layers to give even more support. The easy one handed easy to open clips makes it easy for breastfeeding and it comes in the three most popular colours which was proven by the latest survey completed in July 2017.



The Xpanda Bra features are as follows:


  • Suitable for during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Adjustable cups for growth or extra space for breast pads or shells
  • Each cup has a clip for quick and easy access for breastfeeding
  • 2-layer 100% soft cotton cups for superior comfort and support
  • Individual cup adjustments so you know which breast you fed with
  • Extra hooks and eyes allow for changes in body size
  • High quality Breathable fabric certified safe for mum and baby
  • Machine washable at 30 degrees.
  • 3 piece 2 layer cups for plus sizes


For more information please visit our website @ www.xpandabra.com

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