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How breastfeeding can save the economy £50m

17 Apr How breastfeeding can save the economy £50m

How breastfeeding can save the economy £50m

It is now claimed by Economists that if more money and help was given to encouraging mothers to breastfeed for longer it could save the NHS nearly £50 million a year.

The savings would come by reducing common childhood diseases and lowering the risk of breast cancer through breastfeeding.

For example, doubling the number of mothers who breastfeed their babies for seven to 18 months over their lifetime could save £31m annually.

If mothers who breastfed for one week continued to do so for four months, a further £11m would be saved.
If babies in neonatal care received breast milk, this would save another £6m.

The numbers added up, support a strong case to invest in services to support mums to carry on breastfeeding and to breastfeed for longer.

The Health Economics Research Group at Brunel University, London, said: ‘This is not about persuading more women to breastfeed.
‘It is to reassure policymakers that there is a return on investment if more is done to help for mothers who have shown they want to breastfeed.’

UK national statistics indicate 80 per cent of women in the UK who stop in the early weeks would have liked to breastfeed for longer. With help and guidance these women could easily breastfeed for longer.

Elsewhere, 80 per cent of Norwegian mothers, 68 per cent of Swedish and 60 per cent of Australian mothers breastfeed at six months.

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