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How to Measure your bra size for the perfect fit

16 Sep How to Measure your bra size for the perfect fit

How to Measure your bra size for the perfect fit?

Know how to measure your bra size and get that perfect fit! 70% of women are wearing the wrong bra size!


How do you know yours?

A few simple steps and knowledge will help, and that’s what we are about to share.

First of all, you need to know how a correctly fitted bra should look and feel.

Here’s what to keep an eye out for as you’re measuring yourself and trying on different size bras.

A comfortable snug band.

Your band is the most important part of your bra, when it comes to supporting your breasts, not the straps!

You should be able to put two fingers under the band, but no more than that.

You should not have any tissue coming out from the sides of the cups or beneath your armpits.

A flat Centre. The Centre is part of the band that’s between the cups) should sit flat against your chest, without digging into your skin uncomfortably. If it doesn’t, you are not wearing the correct size.

Avoid the dreaded “quad-boob” that results from the top of a too-small of a cup cutting into breast tissue above the bra.

look for a cup that fits with no stray tissue.

Know about sister sizes.

If you find a bra that is very close to a perfect fit but not quite there, then try a sister size. It might provide enough variation to correct the slight differences.

A sister size is as follows

If you are wearing a 36D and find that the band is slightly too big but the cup size is perfect, then go for a 34D.

Just remember that if band size goes up, the cup size goes down and if the band goes down the cup size goes up.

For a more comprehensive how to find your size and how to measure yourself using our 2 easy step system with our size charts then please click on the following link   @ http://xpandabra.com/sizing-and-fitting/


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