Xpanda BraNursing Bra For Breastfeeding Mothers | How to Use Xpanda Bra
How to use?

How to use?

Xpanda Bra is really easy to use. All that is needed to improve comfort as your body changes is a quick and simple adjustment to the hook and eye fasteners at the side of each cup.

There is no need to fully open the adjustment when feeding your baby. You only need to un-clip the nursing clip to feed
like any other nursing bra – it’s that simple.

small cup size adjustment xpanda bra

Here is the bra set at the smaller cup size.

white nursing bra showing adjustble side cups

To make the cup size bigger, simply open the fastenings and refasten the clasps into the larger size fastenings, as shown above.

nursing bra with large cup size adjustament

Here is the bra set at the larger cup size.

How to adjust the cups on Xpanda Bra