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Mastitis, what it is and how to prevent it

11 Aug Mastitis, what it is and how to prevent it

Mastitis, what it is and how to prevent it?

Mastitis is inflammation of the breast which is usually caused by an infection from Bacteria getting into the milk ducts.It may be through cracked or sore nipples and usually occurs in women who breastfeed. Matitis will not harm your new born.


Mastitis Symptoms

The mother usually feels a hard soreness within inside the breast; this is due to the milk ducts being blocked. You can tell as the area affected around the breast becomes red, it hurts and feels hot to touched.


How to treat mastitis and options?

Drink plenty of liquids
Plenty of rest
Feed the baby more often or express if you are unable to feed.
When feeding start with the affected breast first as this will drain more milk
Make sure you are not wearing a tight fitting bra or clothing

Can Xpanda Bra help with mastitis?

Yes, Xpanda Bra can help prevent mastitis as it’s cups are adjustable, so when your breast size fluctuates you can adjust to the larger cup size so it does not block your milk ducts hence cause mastitis.

The cups themselves are made of 100% breathable cotton which will help prevent bacteria from forming.

If you have already got mastitis Xpanda bra can help ease the pain and discomfort as you can have it adjusted to the larger cup size leaving plenty of space and again the 100% breathable cotton cups will help prevent any more bacteria forming.

For futher advice or  concerns you should contact your midwife of doctor for further diagnoses.


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