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Sizing & Fitting

Sizing & Fitting

Xpanda Bra is so easy to size and fit. Two simple but effective steps are all it takes to measure your bra size correctly.

Xpanda Measuring Bra Size UK

Band Size

Run a tape measure all the way around your body just underneath your breasts. Exhale (let it all out!) and take the measurement in inches. Make sure the tape measure is horizontal and fairly snug. Your arms should be down.

If the measurement is an odd number, for example 31”, then you go up one, so you choose a 32” band size.

If the measurement is an even number this is almost always your band size,
but you may prefer a smaller size so go for 30” band size.

Xpanda Measuring Bra Cup Size UK

Cup Size

Measure around the biggest part of your chest, keeping the measuring tape level with the ground.

Got that number? Now subtract your band measurement from your cup measurement. Each inch represents a cup size. For example, if your band measurement is 32 inches and your cup measurement is 34 inches, the difference is two inches, and your cup size is B.

If your band measurement is 32 inches and your bust measurement is 35 inches, the difference is three inches, and your cup size is C.

Sizing Explained

If you are 31″ band size with 36″ bust, you choose 32″ band size (odd numbers don’t exist in size charts) and cup D, (36-32=4). If you would like a tighter band size, like 30″, you increase your cup size, to so 30DD.

If you choose a looser band, size 34″, you can opt for smaller cup size C.

Just remember that if band size goes up, the cup size goes down and if the band goes down, the cup size goes up.

Always Remember

The under band should stay in place, not too loose, not too tight and not ride up on the back. (If this happens then it means you need a smaller band size).

The breast should feel comfortable in the cup, not bulging on the top of your neckline and not loose, because we have the adjustment to give the extra space when your breast needs it.

When measuring, always wear a soft non-wired bra, not a  push-up or other type of bra, because usually non-wired bras are a size smaller than padded bras. Each breast is so unique that this measuring guide is just an indication to help you.

Xpanda Bra Size chart

Remember your bra has 2 cup sizes, so the following sizes will adjust to B-C, C-D, D-DD, DD-E, E-F, F-FF, FF/G, G-GG & GG-H.

Band Conversion Chart

bra size chart xpanda bra

Cup Conversion Chart

Cup size nursing bra chart

Cup sizes that are larger than a D are called different letters by different brands (a FF cup size in one brand can be called a G or H in other brands). So know your cup size when your ordering.