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Customer Testimonial

Michelle (N Ireland)

I have found the Xpanda bra to be my most comfortable nursing bra. The straps are a nice width to provide good support without being too chunky. The trim around the edge gives it a nice feminine touch unlike the very plain nursing bras I have had before. Price is good. Adjustment is easy to use and allows a more comfortable fit with fluctuation - great in the mornings after baby has slept through the night!" I have recommended it to other women already.

Naomi (USA)

Finally! These wonderful folks designed a bra that is actually FOR nursing moms.

Kate (Derby)

I think these bras are fabulous. They're unique in that you can adjust the cup size to allow for growing breasts during pregnancy or expanding milk-filled boobs post-birth! The material is very soft and the fit is excellent. I'd recommend this product to anyone who's pregnant or breast-feeding.

Selyukova (London)

I really like that it can go from one cup size to another. You can feel it is good quality and very good comfort." Perfect fitting

Elena (Leics)

Advantages of Xpanda Bra are obvious, it's a great idea .Thank you!

Kathryn ( Mancester)

Great product, very comfortable during the first few days of milk coming in and not as ugly as a lot of nursing bras :0)

Annette (N Ireland)

I chose Xpanda bra because of its adjustment ability which provides two cup sizes. Very stylish when on and I love the combination of the white and the blue trim." Very comfortable