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The Most Popular Maternity Nursing Bra Colors Bought

15 Aug The Most Popular Maternity Nursing Bra Colors Bought

The Most Popular Maternity Nursing Bra Colors Bought

Maternity Nursing Bra colors by popularity !


The 3 most popular colours mums and mums to be like and buy on today’s market.

Mamamigo Limited and owner of  Xpanda Bra the new modern innovative adjustable cup maternity nursing bra has carried out a survey involving over 600 responses .The survey was completed just at the end of July 2017.

One of the main questions in their market research survey was


What color do you prefer or normally buy?

The top color liked and bought was black, coming in at 41%, tightly followed by white at 32% and beige/ nude coming in at 26% ,as for wanting or buying other color maternity nursing bras, they were very low at only 1%.

The maternity nursing bra colors customers still prefer, are black, white and beige colors compared to any other when it comes to buying.

At present Xpanda bra comes in black with a pink bow and trim to take away the plain all black and for the white they have added a torquoise bow and trim.

They have an all beige / nude color as some customers prefer this, so it is not seen under light clothing.


Not only does Xpanda Bra provide the most popular colors but it has the following benefits:


  • Suitable for during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Adjustable cups for growth or extra space for breast pads or shells
  • Each cup has a clip for quick and easy access for breastfeeding
  • 2-layer 100% soft cotton cups for superior comfort and support
  • Individual cup adjustments so you know which breast you fed with
  • Extra hooks and eyes allow for changes in body size
  • High quality Breathable fabric certified safe for mum and baby
  • Machine washable at 30 degrees.
  • 3 piece 2 layer cups for plus sizes


For more info go to www.xpandabra.com




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