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What to Pack in your Hospital Bag | Xpanda Bra

25 Jul What to Pack in your Hospital Bag | Xpanda Bra

What to pack in your hospital bag?

It’s better to be looking at something than for it. But you do not want to pack as if you are going away for 2 weeks.
Getting all packed for the maternity ward can be the most exciting part of late pregnancy.
It’s a good idea to have a hospital bag packed by week 35.Once packed leave it near the door on your way out or even put it the boot of your car so it’s not forgot.
Writing the check-list and working out what essentials you’ll need for yourself and your new born, really brings it home.

Below are the top 15 must haves when you go into hospital to have your baby:

Hospital bag checklist for you:

1) Comfortable loose maternity clothing
2) Medical notes
3) Snacks , cereal bar, water
4) Toiletries, including hair brush, hair bands and lip bam.
5) Towels
6) Underwear
7) Maternity or nursing bra
8) Dressing gown
9) Slippers
10) Extra pillow
11) Mobile phone
12) Book / tablet
13) Water spray or sponge
14) Maternity pads
15) Socks

Hospital bag for baby

For your baby:
1) Baby clothes – vests, sleep suits
2) Muslins or bibs
3) Baby blanket or shawl
4) Nappies, baby toiletries and cotton wool
5) Baby car seat
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