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What type of nursing Maternity bra to wear for the summer

9 Jul What type of nursing Maternity bra to wear for the summer

The Best Type Maternity Nursing Bra for those humid hot days!


We’ve all suffered through those humid warm days when you still feel overdressed if you left the house with nothing on! No one wants to spend their time blotting under-boob sweat and dealing with all the irritating side-effects, so the best remedy is to be strategic with your underwear choices. While you may have drawers full of stylish silk and lace bras, they’re just not going to cut it on sweltering days.

First, it’s essential that your bra you are wearing is the correct size and is fitted correctly. There’s nothing worse than an ill-fitting bra on a humid or hot day. Any lingerie department or shop will measure you for free, and once you know the correct size, but always remember not all brands fit the same and so some may end up a different size than you are wearing. Once you are happy with the size then you can set out in search of functional, breathable bras.

Here’s a few tips on how to minimize boob sweat and keep you cool and comfortable. Nothing beats a cotton bra, the natural fibers are always preferable in hot weather – the weave of the fabric will keep you cool and dry, as well as wicking away moisture from the body. Underwire bras can irritate and be very uncomfortable on summer days, you should go for a soft wireless cup bra. Summer hot days are not the time to wear a heavily padded bra, the thick padding will only make you sweat more.


Ok, the do’s

  • Wear a cotton bra,
  • Make sure it’s wireless
  • Make sure it’s very adjustable and the correct size


The do nots

  • A non-cotton bra
  • Underwire and ill-fitting


One bra that’s on the market that meets all the good points, plus has a lot more benefits is the Xpanda Bra, WHY?

Its 98% cotton and the cups themselves are 100% breathable cotton. The cups are unique compared to any other bra on the market, that they are fully adjustable and are non-wired. The cotton that is used has 2 seams which again are cotton so support is not compromised.

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