Xpanda BraWhy and when to buy Nursing bra Xpanda Bra - Xpanda Bra
Why and when to buy Nursing bra Xpanda Bra

4 Dec Why and when to buy Nursing bra Xpanda Bra

Why and when to buy Nursing bra Xpanda Bra?

Brand name Xpanda Bra , even out now for 3-4 years is still fairly new compared to some well know brand names that are about for more than 30 years.

The main advantage of this new brand name and concept is its individual cup adjustment.

It is the only maternity nursing bra in the world with such a genius concept and it was designed by a Man.

Yes, that s correct by a man from Northern Ireland.

The concept of Xpanda Bra was born because of Declan’s wife Diane, a breastfeeding mother, experiencing discomfort with ordinary nursing bras which did not accommodate the fluctuating breast size whilst breastfeeding.


The features below are all beneficial if you are pregnant or if you wish to breastfeed.

  • Adjustable individual cups
  • Adjustable individual straps
  • Adjustable rear band
  • 3 piece cups
  • 2 layer cotton cups


All fabrics are free of toxic substances and certified according to Oeko-Tex 100.Designed in the UK made in the EU.

Made in the EU to the highest quality.

Customer service is now 24 hours 7 days a week so any questions or queries regarding the product, fit or delivery are answered asap.

Not only has Xpanda Bra opened to a 24-hour customer service email facility but it has also reduced it delivery cost to the UK and Ireland for FREE and the rest of the world to £0.99.

MD Declan McDonnel states “not only are you getting the latest innovation to help you through pregnancy and breastfeeding but a quality product with a 24-7 service


You can buy Xpanda Bra @ http://xpandabra.com/shop/


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