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Why buy a Nursing Bra? | Xpanda Bra

3 Oct Why buy a Nursing Bra? | Xpanda Bra

Why buy a nursing Bra?

Nursing bras look like ordinary bras, but  main difference is the cups open via a clip, not essential but if the clip is easy to be opened and closed with one hand it’s much  better.

Whichever style or brand you choose, always make sure it fits you properly. Fit is the key to comfort. Besides being uncomfortable, a nursing bra that fits poorly may put pressure on your milk ducts, which can cause them to get block leading to mastitis in the breast.

A staggering 80 % of women buy the wrong-size nursing bra.

Most women make the mistake of buying a larger band size but keep to their same cup size when they are not pregnant.

A pregnant woman’s rib cage does expands during pregnancy but some women actually stay with their original band size. Although everyone is different a nursing bra with 3-4 hook adjustment at the back is plenty to accommodate this.

During pregnancy you will need a larger cup size .Always choose one that you find comfortable and supportive. We always recommend getting fitted by an expert fitter as depending on the brand name or manufacturer, cup sizes can be labelled differently, some may go from a D to DD others will go from a D to a E. Another more concerning problem is women may buy a cheaper low quality maternity nursing bra  as they think its for a short period but since  this is a time when you most need extra support, it’s worth investing to get something that will help  keep you comfortable and supportive.

After you’ve bought one properly fitting maternity nursing bra, you can order more of the brand  and size online as you can get more  competitive deals.


What bra is best for breasts?

Some women may be tempted to wearing their regular bra for nursing instead of a nursing bra. That’s one cost-saving measure you don’t want to make. Regular bras aren’t designed for nursing and may not give you the extra support and comfort you need.



The best nursing bras are comfortable and offer good support but don’t bind breasts in any way that could interfere with milk flow. For optimum support, the Xpanda Bra ticks all these boxes. It has adjustable cups straps and rear fasteners .The straps have that slightly extra width for even more comfort and support .The cup side adjustments accommodate your changing breast size at different phases of nursing.

Xpanda Bra is also made of cotton which is also a big recommendation whilst breastfeeding. Choosing the right bra is important and can help reduce the risk of breastfeeding complications.

Your ultimate goal should be to find a nursing bra that gives you good support and feels comfortable. With a little experimenting and patience, your nursing bra will become something you don’t think about that often, just like your regular bra.

You can also discuss your choices with a lactation consultant. To find a one in your area, contact the hospital or your local breast feeding support group.
To find out more about Xpanda Bra and its new innovation in helping make peregnancy and breastfeeding more comfortable go to http://xpandabra.com/.


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