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What made 31% of women stop breastfeeding?

13 Sep What made 31% of women stop breastfeeding?

What made 31% of women stop breastfeeding?

In a survey carried out by Xpanda Bra the new brand name in maternity nursing bra lingerie, 31% of the (2373) women surveyed claimed they gave up breastfeeding because of their uncomfortable nursing bra!

To understand what the breastfeeding mum of today wanted and needed from their nursing bra Mamamigo Ltd a survey of over 2300 breastfeeding mothers.
Declan Mc Donnell MD of  Mamamigo Ltd  and inventor of Xpanda Bra states: that of all the nursing mothers surveyed,  that 31% gave up breast feeding because of an uncomfortable nursing bra.

Declan and his wife Diane who runs the Xpanda Bra lingerie Business in Northern Ireland  states that the survey reinforces the need for Xpanda Bra, the award winning maternity nursing bra.


What is Xpanda Bra?

Xpanda Bra is a new innovation in maternity nursing bras with  cotton non wired adjustable cup sizes, so your bra continues to fit during and after pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding. Pregnant and breastfeeding women breasts, fluctuate several times during the day and the need for a expandable maternity nursing bra is a must to help with this .

Any mum or mum to be will immediately see the advantages of the new innovation in the breastfeeding bra by eliminating any of the problems that might occur with existing maternity nursing bras due to fluctuation. Bras that cannot accommodate fluctuation can cause discomfort pain or even mastitis if the breast fluctuates to a size that the bra cup is too small and tight and hence blocks the milk ducts that’s why a nursing bra with an underwire is not recommended for nursing.

Xpanda Bra has a fully adjustable maternity nursing bra with non wired cotton adjustable cups, straps and rear fasteners.This pregnancy or nursing bra accommodates any change in the mother’s size during pregnancy and beyond.


To find out more about Xpanda Bra please contact
info@xpandabra.com or go to www.xpandabra.com


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